Providing instant access to an extensive array of TV listings

Doing exactly as the name suggests, FindMeTV gives users access to an easy-to-navigate 14-day TV planner for virtually every TV channel on British TV.

You can also check what’s on now, next and a few hours down the line, set reminder alerts, access the BBC iPlayer and Sky subscribers can remotely record shows. It’s all made incredibly easy due to the app’s simple design and easy-to-use interface.

Yes, these features are available individually for free elsewhere but if you want them all in one place then £1.79 is a small price to pay.

Rated 4 out of 5

With all the TV channels available these days, FindMeTV helps you keep on top of what’s on.


  • TITLE=Review Title;RATING=2;Never would have thunk I would find this so indisepnasble.

  • Franz von Habsburg

    Findmetv has stopped working, and has also disappeared from Apps.