Finding Teddy Review

Finding Teddy Review

Finding Teddy Review

Help a little girl find her missing toy in this retro point-and-click musical adventure for iOS and Android

We’ve all been there; monstrously huge spider legs come out of your bedroom cupboard and steal your teddy, and you need to go through the Narnian cupboard-portal to rescue it.

In the surreal Finding Teddy, you’ll need to muster all your point-and-click adventure skills to navigate your way around a world that will quickly kill you for any minor misstep. Luckily, death resets you to just before your fatal action, unlike some of the more unforgiving adventure games. However, this is at least a very good indicator of what needs to be overcome to progress throughout the game.

As well as using items you find throughout the game to move forward, there’s also a strong musical element to some of the puzzles. There’s a bit of hit and miss to these musical riddles, starting off with using fake musical symbols, but other times expecting you to work out a melody from a huge combination of notes at your disposal. However, for the less musically inclined, this could potentially be a bit tricky, even if there is a hidden code behind it all.

The graphical style and the code-cracking nature are somewhat reminiscent of last year’s indie hit Fez, albeit to a much smaller extent. Finding Teddy overall is a delightful adventure that, while potentially inspired by the aforementioned Fez, has its own identity.

Rated 4 out of 5

A twisted adventure through your dreams, Finding Teddy has some interesting ideas but may be a little too frustrating for some.