Fences Review

Fences Review

Fences Review

Set profiles and ensure bespoke working from Android

Being able to set up profiles is a massive strength afforded to Android users and with Fences you can create new profiles that suit all manner of different scenarios. With a set of profiles in place, you are able to quickly and easily get to a state of your choice – be it when you are at work, home or play.

The main screen looks like the Settings menu, albeit more wide-open and general including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS as well as display and sound functions. Simply click ‘add profile’ and then decide on what you want each one to contain using the options beside each entry. You may want, for example, Wi-Fi to be turned on at home or for the screen brightness to be set to maximum during the evening. It is a matter of playing around with the app to get simple profiles set up without lots of the barriers that some of the competition can put in your way with their sheer difficulty in use.

Some users have reported it crashing, however, so do be wary of that and take advantage of the 15-minute refund window if you find this to be the case. We found that on our devices there were no issues and everything – including the ability of the mobile signal and Wi-Fito pinpoint our location whenever GPS didn’t seem to function – worked as it should have done. If customisation is a priority for you, this could be an essential download.

Rated 4 out of 5

A versatile and intuitive app that makes your Android device work for you no matter where you are or what you may be doing.