Feels Review

Feels Review

Feels Review

We’re undecided about Feels, the decision-maker app that factors in your feelings for iPhone

Feels is an unusual app designed to let you analyse how you feel about particular decisions you need to make and whether a choice is right for you. The app looks great and is easy to understand, but we question its necessity.

The whole process is simple to set up. When you enter a decision, for example, ‘where to live,’ you add a minimum of two options, in this case ‘city centre’ or ‘in the country’ and then add a minimum of three influences,  ‘price,’ ‘distance to work’ and ‘maintenance.’  Once you’ve built up a simple picture of what your motivations are,  you then use sliders to note the emotion that each of these gives you, in the hope of making a final decision.

The ability to insert photos can help, but we admit to being somewhat confused by the entire premise of  Feels. If you really do struggle to make decisions its possible this solution might help you, but if you are fairly decisive in any regular way, it is likely that it will not offer many benefits. It does exactly what it needs to and works reliably, but we are not sure that more than a minority of potential users will find benefits here.

Feels is an innovative app and has a lot of potential for judging your mood and the way it changes depending on outside influences and tasks, but it is possibly too simple to offer genuine insights into what motivates you every day.

Rated 3 out of 5

An unusual solution that does work, but it may be a little too obvious for some users to really benefit from.