Fathm – Time Management

Fathm – Time Management

Fathm – Time Management

Brighten up how you organise your day

Functionality or style? It’s the kind of choice we always want to try and avoid in life. On the one hand we want to get things done, so functionality is key, but then that little voice in your head starts telling you that what you really want is to look cool. Fathm as a ‘to-do’ manager is caught in much the same dilemma. It’s got the looks and style, but in terms of the interface it’s more work than most.

Time management isn’t exactly exciting stuff, but it’s incredibly useful. That’s why apps like this one are so incredibly important. For the most part these are apps that we judge almost exclusively based on how well they work and how easy they are to interact with. On this level, Fathm is a challenge.

The trouble is twofold. First, entering new information using the touch control can be very fiddly. The app is split into five sections, the first being the Tracking page, where you enter in your appointments or activities for the day. Swiping you finger across the page enters in a start and end time for the activity, and you can then adjust it by dragging it up and down the page to change the time. It’s fine in theory, but with the day broken down into four-hour intervals, it can be fiddly to get the time you want.  Once you’ve taken some time to really master it, though, it delivers a pleasing and potentially useful series of pages that breaks down your days into charts and graphs so you can see how efficiently you’re working, or how good your work to life balance is. Once you get to this stage, Fathm is really quite wonderful, but it’s a tough slog to get there and when you consider the other apps around, you have to ask yourself, would you rather have something easy?

Rated 4 out of 5

A tough app to get the most out of, but it's one of the best looking productivity apps around


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  • Jaime

    I used this app last year on an iPhone but now have a Windows phone. I much prefer windows but I sure do miss this app!