Fantastical 2 Review

Fantastical 2 Review

Fantastical 2 Review

The best iPhone calendar app to date

Calendar apps are plentiful in number and extremely personal to each individual. What one person views as an ideal solution will be too complex or simplistic for someone else, so developers have a tricky task in making an app that will appeal to a broad range of people.

But Fantastical 2 could well be that solution because it offers a number of benefits that are difficult to quantify, but which are great to use every day. The interface, which is always vital for calendars, has been created with care to allow for a month view, a clean list view and a week view without changing the screen you are in. Swipe down to see the month, swipe down again for the week view  and tap the red bar at the top in order to jump to today.

It could not be simpler and neither could creating a new event. As you type a description, the software will attempt to work out what you are doing, which is a brilliant innovation. For example, typing ‘Meet John at 12pm tomorrow’ will create an entry for midday with ‘Meet John’ as the description. You can avoid this feature if required for maximum flexibility, and even use the Reminders app to ensure every base is covered. The features in Fantastical 2 are the only ones you’ll ever need.

Rated 5 out of 5

The great interface and speed make Fantastical 2 one of the best mobile calendar apps ever.