Faded Review

Faded Review

Faded Review

Add photo filters to images with Faded for iPhone

The Photo & Video section of the App Store has been overflowing with products offering Instagram-like filters for years. The reason for the conveyor belt of new downloads is that users simply can’t get enough of new ways to edit and tweak images.

It seems that everyone now has an eye for it, and that means that each new filter is a bonus. Faded is an app that plays on this idea very well; it’s very filter-driven for starters, but the scrollbar interface that enables users to define just how harshly a filter is applied hands control back to you. There are cropping and other editing tools on offer as well, but the real focal point is the various collections of filters.

Buyers should also be aware that there are in-app purchases at play in Faded, so if you want any filters with a coloured border around it, you will need to unlock them.

Still, the interface adds a touch of polish to the UX, with smooth transitions between the different sections. The Action feature is a particularly nice touch, letting you record the different process of a look you create so that you can apply it to other photos in the future. It’s a great way of streamlining the experience, and also enables the possibility of themed albums of photos should you want to stick to a look throughout.

It might be in a busy part of the App Store, but Faded does more than enough to stand out from the crowd.

Rated 4 out of 5

Very polished and nice to work with, Faded does photo filters with a touch of class.