FaceGoo HD

FaceGoo HD

Turn your photos into hideous works of art

Folk with far too much time on their hands will absolutely love this new HD edition of the freakish photo-manipulating app.

FaceGoo allows you to bend, stretch, rotate and generally apply bizarre new effects to a host of pictures, as well as letting you import your own pictures. By calling up a photograph, you can then tap and drag portions to hideously deform it beyond recognition, and then add special effects.

Such effects include stickers. Tap on the glasses icon to call up a drop-down menu, pick a sticker, and when it is pasted onto the photo you can pinch or expand the size, rotate it, and then stick it into position.

What’s more, if you want you can then animate these stickers and assign goofy sound effects before sharing your final, distorted composition with your friends.

It’s all good-humoured nonsense, but you’ll be surprised at how addictive it can be, and when you apply the ‘Bouncy Goo’ effect to your pictures, then you’ll see what a technically impressive showcase app this actually is.

Rated 4 out of 5

A bloody enjoyable waste of time that should be a real hit with kids or people who are old enough to know better.