Facebook Groups Review

Facebook Groups Review

Facebook Groups Review

Another Facebook spin-off app you never knew you needed

Initially, we struggled to discredit the sheer superfluousness of this app as it seemingly only served as a means to access your Facebook groups outside of the actual Facebook app. Perhaps the grand plan is to migrate this aspect of the service from the main app into another, like Messenger before it, but for now it serves only as an optional extra.

The app is divided between four sections, each accessible via icons at the bottom of the sparse interface. The Groups section lists all of your active groups and allows you to create new ones, whereas the Notifications section simply lists recent alerts. What we do like is the Discover section, as this lets you effortlessly browse for new groups to join in a far more straightforward way than in the main Facebook app. It presents a selection of recommendations and you can enter keywords to find more groups. The app is rounded off with the obligatory Settings section, which allows you to tailor alerts to specific groups.

While we’re suspicious of the ‘why have one app when you can use three’ logic of another Facebook service, we have to recommend this simply because it is a quicker and easier way to monitor and manage your groups.

Rated 4 out of 5

An efficient app, but the very existence of it means a star is struck from the score!