Exitium: Saviors Of Vardonia

Exitium: Saviors Of Vardonia

An epic action RPG that won’t break the bank

As long as Square Enix is content with charging the Earth for its downloadable retro revivals, there’s serious money to be made by RPG developers happy to put out similar games at a fraction of the cost.

Exitium – a simple take on the Secret Of Mana action RPG formula that comes at a third of the price for four different stories – is proof of this. For those unaware of Mana’s legacy, it’s clear which represents the better deal here. And to some extent, it is the better deal, too. Secret Of Mana may be a classic, but Exitium feels far more current, borrowing heavily from MMORPGs in its design. Features like item crafting, and even an online auction house of sorts help this feel far more like the kind of RPG you’d expect to play on a modern device. That’s not always such good news, however, unless you’re a fan of microtransactions.

In-app purchases offer shortcuts and superior items for those willing to splash the cash, and it can feel like a hard slog without doing so at times. The only other area that lets Exitium down slightly is the on-screen pad for movement, and while this can be moved and re-sized to your liking, it’s still far from ideal, but no worse than Mana’s in that you’ll likely learn to work around its limitations. Other than that, this is a feature-packed RPG that represents tremendous value for money, and looks the part to boot.

Rated 4 out of 5

Four characters, four stories, and hundreds of missions. Exitium: Saviors Of Vardonia will certainly last you a while.


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