A single tool to manage and minute your meetings

Being pulled back and forth from the meeting room can play havoc with your productivity while in the office. You can easily lose track of your notes as you bounce from room to room, and quickly find yourself drawing a blank when the boss fires a question at you.

To combat this problem head-on there is evermeeting, a productivity app that’s focus is the scheduling and organising of your various meetings, before providing some valuable note-taking abilities once the discussions have started.

The interface of evermeeting is split into two main sections, with the left-hand column comprising of a list of all your currently scheduled meetings. This is open to edit at any time, and you can add new appointments as they’re made by tapping the plus icon. Tap any meeting in the list to see it opened in the other key area of the app, the right-hand window. From here you can see all the main details to do with the meeting if it has taken place, as well as add various points to the agenda and minutes while it’s happening.

This is one of evermeeting’s biggest strengths: its functionality during meetings. The app eliminates the need for someone to note down the minutes as you can do it yourself in a few taps. evermeeting can also be used as a recorder to capture all the audio and then serve as a transcript should you ever need to go back over the minutes. From within this window you can also see clear examples of how strong the functionality is within the app. Tap the flag icon in the bottom corner of the window and you can add new points to your meeting instantly. Should you wish to add something to the agenda or note a comment that was made, tap the relevant icon and enter the necessary data. evermeeting is also very good at bringing everything full circle; for example not only can you create a list of attendees for an interview by entering their email address, but you can also attribute comments to them within the meeting. This adds a near-social element to the app, allowing you to keep track of exactly who said what.

When making these kind of extra notes, evermeeting drops them in chronological order, so when you go back to review a meeting’s minutes later, the thought process of the discussion is quite easy to see. One thing you can’t help but notice when interacting and working with evermeeting is the sheer number of icons on show in the app. Luckily a full list of them and their meanings can be found under the iconography tab in the Settings menu, but you will soon grasp most of them as you use the app more and more. You are most likely to encounter these icons when setting up your meeting, as they appear beneath each event in the Schedule window, as well as in the Basic Info window, where you enter all the key data. This is the area where you can set the basic parameters of your meeting, including the estimated duration and the attendees. You can create an initial agenda instantly, which can be edited again later if need be, as well as share this information with attendees by entering their email address to the relevant list. This ensures that everyone turns up prepared.

evermeeting then is just a very good app across the board, providing users with a simple and smart way to plan and schedule their meetings, as well as serve as a minute taker and transcription provider. The developers have clearly looked at meetings in three stages; planning, occurring and aftermath, and tailored the app to be incredibly useful in all three instances. The added bonus is that the interface that holds an ever-changing mass of information is smooth, as well as very easy to work with and master. Once you start using it frequently, you might start to wonder what you did before it existed. The fact that it is available to download for free given the functionality it offers is just the icing on the digital cake.

Rated 5 out of 5

A very solid and dependable companion for your dash between meetings.