ETA Review

ETA Review

ETA Review

ETA for iPhone offers quicker way to get directions to all your favourite locations

Do you know how many taps it takes to get directions to a friend’s house from the Contacts app on iOS? Seven. It’s not quick and it’s not straightforward, but ETA changes that. The app lets you save addresses all in one place, give them custom names (such as ‘Tim’s flat’ or ‘Sarah’s office’) and then get directions to them instantly.

The app uses Apple’s own mapping system, and we sometimes failed to find the places that we searched for. Sadly ETA doesn’t ask for access for your contacts, so if you want to find a friend’s address, you’ll need to type it into the app manually. Still, once you’ve added an address you can access directions to it with a single tap. You can also see the travel time displayed next to each location instantly. Each one also shows a tiny compass next to the place, showing the direction in which you will need to travel.

ETA works nicely enough, giving you quick access to all your favourite locations and useful information for each one. It’s very simple, and the design reflects this with a clean and easy-to-understand interface. For those that travel often by car or foot it’s worth a try, but it’s rather expensive for what is ultimately a simple shortcut, albeit a well-designed one.

Rated 4 out of 5

A nicely designed app that makes getting directions easier, but is quite simple and costs a lot for what it does.