Blurring the line between games and reality, EpicWin is a great app for the Scott Pilgrim generation

If you’ve ever wished that completing tasks in real life held the same rewards as fantasy role-playing games, then EpicWin is certainly the app for you.

Essentially a to-do list, EpicWin gets you to choose from one of three Tolkien-esque avatars (with two more purchasable in-app), before rewarding you with loot and XP for completing even the most mundane of chores. A simple creation system enables users to add news tasks, assigning a date, description and the amount of XP to be doled out on completion.

EpicWin’s basic concept is superbly executed; the graphics, sound and animations have all the polish and charm of a cult cartoon, while the frequent milestones – be they levelling up or acquiring new loot such as ‘the Tattoo of Incarceration’ – are really fun incentives.

In fact, it’s a shame that there aren’t more productivity apps out there like this; aimed squarely at the Scott Pilgrim generation, the Monkey Island-style humour and role-playing game slant make it unique among to-do lists currently available.

EpicWin provides so much content to unlock, with limitless potential for further loot and XP levels in future updates that it should keep you productive for the foreseeable future. Doing boring chores and housework has suddenly become a much more fun proposition. Now, if you’ll excuse us we’ve got to do the washing up in return for 150 XP…

Rated 4 out of 5

EpicWin is the most fun you can have doing chores. A great productivity app indeed.


  • TITLE=Great, but lacks a iPad UI;Great for the iPhone, but in the iPad it simply enlarge the image and dont have a way to use it in the landscape position.