Enlight Review: The best photo editor ever?

Enlight Review: The best photo editor ever?

Enlight Review: The best photo editor ever?

Want to do more than add photo filters? Enlight them

There are many photo-editing apps in the App Store but Enlight aims to replace them all by providing as wide a range of features as possible. It’s a bold aim and yet it is not without merit. Enlight really is feature-packed, ensuring even the worst of photos have an opportunity to shine.

The first time you use the app, it can annoy you with pop-ups explaining how each element works. Once you get those out of the way, the experience becomes more fluid. You can crop, skew or refit images, or make alterations to the contrast, exposure, colour correction and curves.

But it’s when you become creative that the app starts to shine. The reshape option is lovely, letting you tug at parts of your central image in order to make it appear bloated or smaller. You can also blend images to gain some amazing effects including double exposure. If you like to change photographs into paintings, you can do this too, with options for urban looks and sketches. There are also loads of effects and decals made from text that can jazz up images.

By making all of these processes very simple, the photo-editing process is sped up. It relies on gestures which gives you a better feel for what you are doing, making it more intuitive, and it also reduces screen clutter. Indeed, you only see what you need to. There is no iPad version, strangely, but we would expect this feature would work very well on those devices in the future too.

At any point, you can change an image by scrolling through the Camera Roll at the bottom of the screen and tapping on a new picture. If you want to take a fresh pic, you can use the in-app camera but it’s nothing amazing. In fact, that will be the only time you’ll end up leaving this app. For everything else, this is nigh on perfect.

Rated 5 out of 5

A great all-in-one image editor with many features that can help to produce some outstandingly good results.