Edge Extended

Edge Extended

Time to look at things from a different perspective

There’s a universal truth across some of the very best iOS games: simplicity. All of the big hitters – from Words With Friends to Cut The Rope – have taken a very basic premise, and capitalised on it to craft something unique and compelling. Edge Extended is one such app.

Taking on the concept of perspective, the idea is simple: take your colourful cube, and navigate – via a series of swipes – to the level’s end. Along the way are a selection of collectable cubes, which temporarily boost your speed and help you reach the end as fast as possible to grab that ‘S’ ranking. Each of the levels are a shade of grey, and though flourishes of vibrant colour litter the landscape from time to time, it is the only colour you’ll see for most of the time.

This is, however, intentional and beneficial to the mind-bending puzzles behind the game. By utilising this simple element, floors become holes, paths become blockades, and the route to the exit becomes a challenge. And that’s even before the levels themselves start conspiring against you. Controls work fantastically, and add some real weight to your cube, which is especially necessary in the later levels where balance becomes as important as speed.

There’s a certain satisfaction to successfully racing through a level, and is the main reason you’ll keep returning to better your time and improve your run. This is Edge Extended’s greatest strength; its sheer, unstoppable playability.

Rated 5 out of 5

A superbly designed, challenging and gorgeous puzzle platformer with a unique concept.