Duolingo Test Center Review

Duolingo Test Center Review

Duolingo Test Center Review

Put your grasp of the English language to the test

If you are from foreign shores and seeking a job that requires an understanding of English, then this app provides certification of your skills through your mobile device. It is a very convenient means of testing what you know and getting it verified.

You will need a Duolingo account to get started, but this can be created quickly and easily in-app. Then you can get a feel for the kind of stuff you’re likely to be asked in the test by tapping the Sample Questions option or dive straight in and take the Certified Test.

You will need to undergo a criteria check before taking the test but everything is clearly defined so you’re never left in the dark as to what is required of you. The simple interface makes it easy to input answers and the app makes clever use of the camera and microphone on your device to speak some answers and verify that it is really you taking the test.

Obviously this is a specific app for a specific goal, and it only appears to currently revolve around English. But if you are looking to get into an English-speaking job then the test environment served up here is as stress-free as they surely come.

Rated 4 out of 5

Provides a decent means of testing your English language skills in a relatively straightforward and stress-free manner.