DropTask HD – Visual To-Do List

DropTask HD – Visual To-Do List

Deal with individual and team tasks in a clean environment with Droptask HD

Creating complex task lists is a difficult enough task when it’s only you who needs to view and understand it – but to then explain what you are doing to a team of people is even harder. As projects evolve and the complexity increases, so does the confusion.

Droptask HD – Visual To-Do List attempts to do away with all of that by using easy-to-understand visuals. You start by building groups, which can then be populated by adding individual tasks. This not only keeps everything neatly arranged, but it also ensures that separate parts of the project do not negatively impact others. Invites can be sent to enable real-time calibration and this is where the visual aspects really do benefit. Changes can be made in an instant and the entire team will understand why, and the various views will help even more.

There is the option to view a traditional list or add more detail to each task, but what remains is always simple to view and quick to drill down within. Most projects, and even individual task lists, benefit from simplification; DropTask HD manages this to the point that a complex project could be completed much quicker and with fewer mistakes. Collaboratively it is hugely effective, but it can be used for any type of project.

Rated 5 out of 5

A highly effective collaborative project solution that simplifies the entire process in style.