Dreamdays Review

Dreamdays Review

Dreamdays Review

Count down to the days that matter with Dreamdays on iPhone

Big events are important; small ones are too. Dreamdays is an app that lets you count down to those moments that mean something to you, whether it be an anniversary, a birthday, or holiday. Maybe you have a wedding coming up, or perhaps you have exams. Whatever it is that you want to count down to, this app is designed to help you do just that.

Adding an event requires you to  ll in a form into which you add a title, date, and what type of event it is. You can create your own event types too, and you can also customise dates by You will never be able to forget a major event if you tell others you have this app. adding your very own background, which you can bring in via your Camera Roll or by taking a brand new image on your camera. We also like the way you can add a voice memo to your event and set it so that it repeats on an annual basis.

All of your events are placed in a list on the front page of the app. From here you can edit them or add a voice memo. You can also use Twitter or Facebook to share the event with other people so that they can be in on your special time.

We like the way the whole app is designed. Navigating from each section is intuitive. Large icons point the way towards each section and you can call up menus and settings with ease. Events can be synced with iCloud and you can add a passcode to protect the app from prying eyes which is great if you are organising a surprise party, for example. You can also restore events from iCloud and send feedback to the developer.

At the central hub of the app is a reminder service and this is what we had in mind when we played around with it, trying to  gure if it justi es putting the built-in Reminders to one side and paying for this instead. And it does. It adds so much more to the basic app that you get as standard, giving you the customisation options that make life so personal.

Rated 5 out of 5

You will never be able to forget a major event if you tell others you have this app.