Dream of Pixels Review

Dream of Pixels Review

Dream of Pixels Review

Dream of Pixels for iPhone and Android turns Tetris block-building on its head

A few seconds with the interface of Dream of Pixels and any user will understand the name. The almost whimsical artwork is mesmerising in how it is constantly in flux as the game unfolds, with the blocks of the game changing colour regularly. It makes for an interesting visual experience, and contributes a lot towards the ambiance that makes this game compelling.

It’s an unusual sensation because the gameplay itself is pretty straightforward, offering a nice twist on traditional block-building games. The aim in Dream of Pixels is to take out blocks as opposed to building them, with the idea being to wipe out entire rows and keep any blocks from reaching the bottom of the screen, as this ends your game – like a reverse Tetris. Each turn has a predetermined shape, so think before tapping aimlessly, as being too tap-happy will leave odd blocks isolated.

The pacing of the game is very good, with blocks constantly moving towards the bottom of the screen, placing pressure on the player to make their decisions quickly. Remove blocks too randomly and the lone ones left in rows will more than likely be the downfall of your game.

With several different modes to play, challenging puzzles, and such a distinctive design, Dream of Pixels brings something different to the often repetitive casual gaming genre.

Rated 4 out of 5

Mesmerising to look at and very fun to play, Dream of Pixels makes for a solid free game.