DrawRace 2 HD

DrawRace 2 HD

Trace your way to the finish line over and over again

Developer Red Lynx knows how to deliver stunning value for money. The studio’s breakthrough title on Xbox 360, Trials HD, took a simple stunt-bike format, and turned it into one of the most addictive experiences on home consoles today.

DrawRace 2 is from the same mould in that it’s easy to pick up and play, yet nearly impossible to walk away from.  Each race begins with a top-down view of the track, the aim being to trace a path around the circuit, dragging your finger fast to speed up and slow to ease off the gas. Once you’re happy with the line you’ve traced, you can start the race and your car will follow the line automatically. It’s a similar format to Firemint’s Flight Control, but it’s actually much better.

The key to winning races and shaving precious seconds off your top times is to know when to trace slow lines around tight corners, and when to put pedal to metal and speed up on the straights. You’ll need to factor in slippery tarmac and ice tracks, as well as getting your head around how each car grips the track to succeed. Braking also builds up your boost bar, which gives you a sudden jolt of speed. However, you really need to be careful when using the boost, as speeding up too close to a corner will leave you slammed into a wall, or spinning uncontrollably.

It’s this delicate balance between precision and all-out speed that makes DrawRace 2 so addictive, as you always feel like you could do better next time, and chances are you’ll be replaying stages again and again.  It’s also a very rewarding game, as each completed track unlocks a new course and vehicle, so you always feel like you’re progressing with each successful race, which in turn fuels the game’s addictive nature. Once you’re done with the single player element, you can challenge others in multiplayer, post your best times to compete in the World League and more.

With engrossing gameplay and razor-sharp visuals, DrawRace 2 HD is confidently one of the most enjoyable car-themed games that is available in the App Store today, and as such is worth a purchase.

Rated 5 out of 5

Another win for Red Lynx, and an essential purchase for gear heads.