Draw Something 2 Review

Draw Something 2 Review

Draw Something 2 Review

The touch screen art phenomenon Draw Something has been revamped, but did it need to be?

Draw Something already has its place among the App Store elite, secured thanks to its incredible popularity. The appearance of a sequel then is likely to get plenty of heads scratching, and it’s not until you get into the game that you realise that this is more than just an overblown update.

For starters the game has gone even more social – yes it is possible. Users can now build up followers and follow back other users. The point of this is that every Draw Something user now has a profile page, complete with a gallery of every drawing you’ve ever done, meaning that the days of having to screengrab your favourite drawings in order to save them are gone.

There’s also a host of new drawing tools that give it a distinctive style when compared to the original. Items like the pattern pen make it easy to create checkered patterns and was not something easily done in the first game.

There have been subtle adjustments to the interface, as well as actual gameplay. Users now have two extra categories of words to choose from should the initial choices not be to your liking. There’s even a cool feature whereby you can recycle an existing drawing from your gallery.

Draw Something 2 ™ as a whole is far from a recycled version of the original; its a smart and fun upgrade.

Rated 4 out of 5

Gives more than expected and deserves to be played in its own right.