Downhill Xtreme Review

Downhill Xtreme Review

Downhill Xtreme Review

Totally rad man – it’s a longboard game for Android

It’s billed as the world’s first longboard game. Some of us heathens were not sure of the difference between a skateboard and a longboard but what we did know was that we enjoyed this game and the way you could wind your way through the challenging tracks with a tilt of the device as you tried to keep apace with the competition and, with luck, beat them.

The game is one of challenge – and lots of them. You can set yourself against the clock, you can become part of a leaderboard and you can go from a mere amateur to a pro. It’s great that, even before the game proper starts, the game gives you a little tutorials to warm up. In essence, the controls don’t really amount to more than tilt and press to brake or tuck and yet that is all you need to become engrossed. Too much in the way of controls would have ruined things.

The graphics look fantastic and the sound seems nice and fresh, because it uses unreleased tracks from indie artists. Games like this absolutely need to have that cool factor and this has it in spades and it feels equally at home on a smartphone as it did the Nexus 7 on which we based our review. That said, some people have reported crashes on some devices but then it’s a free game so worth a try.

Rated 4 out of 5

A superb game that keeps the controls simple to maximise the fun.