DJ Studio

DJ Studio

The pick up and play DJ app

There has been a recent trend in the app world that has seen the emergence of more accessible music makers, attempting to bring the art of studio production to the masses. DJ Studio certainly fits this mould, focusing on making the users feel at home at the decks, albeit using a unique interface that bears little resemblance to them. DJ Studio’s UI is based around a set of eight pads that can each play a single one of the loops and beats that are built into the app, and are auto-synced together to keep your musical creations sounding polished.

Start and stop a loop with a tap, and the pad will colour-code to show you it’s status. This depends on the setting of the sync wheel on the right of the screen, which determines the length of each loop and when new loops can enter the beat. Pads are orange when they are on standby to come in, and turn green once they are playing. You can also group start and stop pads by row or column thanks to the buttons that border the pads interface.

It may be a draw back that you can’t upload your own music into the app, which does put boundaries on just how creative and original you can be, but there is a record feature as well as some pre-built sets that you can play with.

Rated 4 out of 5

It won’t change the music or app world, but DJ Studio is a great app if you just want to experiment with beats.