Disposable Hipstamatic

Disposable Hipstamatic

Disposable Hipstamatic

A throwaway version of the photo editing favourite

One thing that has held Hipstamatic back has been its price compared to its rivals. Now, developer Synthetic has launched a counter attack in the shape of a disposable version of the app. In short, it acts like a disposable camera, giving you 25 shots to have fun with before showing you the roll once it’s filled, in much the same way as a real camera. You can adjust the filter slider, but the app automatically tweaks your images slightly.

There are two choices of camera on offer, with a third if you connect to the app via Facebook, and each has their own filtering effects. They’re subtle, but give you enough of a taste of the good things Hipstamatic does to make you interested in the full app. That’s what this feels like really, a try-before-you-buy snapshot that has been themed nicely to engage users, with custom stickers and a smart interface.

Having said that, there is a sense of longevity through the fact that there is no limit to the amount of times you can use the cameras, although having to fill a camera roll each time proves to be slightly frustrating.

Rated 4 out of 5

A clever concept, well designed and a very good way to try out Hipstamatic.


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