Disney Junior Appisodes Review

Disney Junior Appisodes Review

Load this for your children and watch them have fun

Disney Junior Appisodes is aimed at pre-school children, but it is so much fun it appeals to slightly older children too. It plays like an interactive cartoon and you get one for free, with two more available for £2.99 each. The downloadable episodes feature everyone’s favourite Disney characters and children start by selecting the one they want to play, such as the bundled Road Rally.

It plays just like a Disney cartoon and features superb graphics and animation that looks every bit as good as watching television and children will love it. Instead of watching it passively like a TV though, at certain points Mickey and other characters speak directly to the child and ask the occasional question. They have to reply by speaking back to him. So when Mickey asks if they want to start, they have to say “yes” to move onwards with the story.

The free episode involves a road race and along the route are stop-off points where there are simple games to play. One involves counting rubber ducks and putting them into a box, others include finding shapes like a triangle, saying various things and buttons have to be pressed. It is simple enough for a young child to play and they will thoroughly enjoy interacting with the iconic characters. This is an outstanding app for youngsters who love Mickey and friends. They will have lots of fun and learn at the same time.

Parents should be aware that each episode can be up to 600MB, which will take up a lot of storage space and eat up a lot of your data allowance if you’re downloading it without Wi-Fi.

Rated 5 out of 5

If you have young children they will love you for this. It's educational and entertaining.


  • Jodie Barratt WasHicken

    I have turned the speaker off anyone know how to turn it back on thanks in advance