Disney Infinity Toy Box Review

Disney Infinity Toy Box Review

Disney Infinity Toy Box features all of your favourite Disney Pixar characters and promises infinite possibilities – but do you also need endless cash to enjoy it?

With amazing visuals and a large array of Disney characters, this is an app that will not only instantly appeal to children but keep them occupied for days on end. It takes the Toy Box part of the console release and brings it to the iPad and, in doing so, unleashes a great deal of creativity – allowing players to do what they want, whenever they want.

First a word of warning to parents. There are in-app purchases, so if you want to completely avoid running up a bill, make sure these are turned off in Settings. And now a warning to children: don’t expect this to be a game that is handed to you on a plate. As gaming experiences go, this isn’t a full on arcade blast, rather a sandbox adventure that you create yourself.

You get a blank piece of land on top of which you can create landscapes, place castles and enjoy various other elements, with one of the best being a nice motor. You can lay tracks to race around on and you can also use items collecting within the console game.

It doesn’t take long before a world is being built up for the characters to charge around. But there is a problem: the controls are not the most user-friendly and you must keep an eye on the instructions that only appear once to get your head around the functions. Movement controls are also fiddly because too many buttons have been placed on the screen and get in the way.

But building and placing items on the landscape is easy and the 50 free pieces you get should be sufficient enough for most people. But that’s where in-app purchasing comes in. To get more than Mr Incredible, for instance, the app requires money or codes that are included on retail toys.

Rated 4 out of 5

A free offering that has much to give as a standalone title, but it works even better with the console game.