Dinosaur Zoo

Dinosaur Zoo

Explore the wonders of the dinosaur kingdom

If there is anything that the Jurassic Park films taught us it is that dinosaurs were cool. Cool and downright terrifying that is, with most of them outpacing, outweighing and outfighting we fleshy humans. Luckily, unlike in the films – where they ran amok – they have been securely contained within the iPad platform, allowing users to admire them in safety.

Dinosaur Zoo for iPad is an app that delivers a decent quota of information about a variety of dinosaurs, ranging from their vital statistics (height, weight, speed etc), through to global distribution and time period (China, Middle Jurassic etc), and onto anatomical notes and analysis.

All this information is gathered from the latest palaeontological sources, and is combined with animated 360-degree clay models of each beast that interact with the user when they press the touchscreen.

So far so good. However, when we said ‘they have been securely contained’ we really mean ‘some have been securely contained’, with at launch only six dinosaurs on display in the Dinosaur Zoo app.

However the first ‘dino-pack’ is now available for free, and more have been promised to steadily increase the inhabitants of your zoo and beef up the information that goes with them.

Rated 3 out of 5

A fun idea. Dinosaur Zoo has some promise, as long as the updates keep coming