Gamevil delivers RPG Excellence

Zenonia has proved to be something of a revelation for Android developer Gamevil. By crafting an RPG that actually worked on the touchscreen, Gamevil made a name for itself as the go-to developer for a slice of classic role-playing on the phone.

With Destinia, they’ve gone one better. It all boils down to the combat. It’s true of most RPGs – on any platform, no less – that without a combat engine that’s considered, entertaining and worth getting your teeth into, there’s really no point bothering. This is where Destinia excels, enabling players to 
choose from one of three traditional RPG character classes, and build them up into unstoppable machines. It’s basic at first, as you tap-tap-tap your way to victory, but as more and more abilities are unlocked and – most importantly – tougher enemies appear, making the right choice regarding which ability to use proves to be as fun as watching the gorgeous sprites dance around the screen.

There’s an element of auto-lock to avoid clumsy mistakes courtesy of a touch-screen, but for the most part Gamevil has crafted an impeccable foundation for it to expand on. The addition of pets and the ability to craft adds even more to the game, giving your chosen warrior the freedom to have all the 
best stats, and all the equipment that you could ever need.

The plethora of quests that are available means that you’re never lost for something to do, either, as more and more items and objectives are generously handed out over the course of the game.

Rated 5 out of 5

The storyline is nonsense, but that doesn’t matter when Destinia’s combat is so slick and enjoyable.