Deluxe Colors Review

Deluxe Colors Review

Deluxe Colors Review

Deluxe Colors makes it quick and easy to add enhancement to your iPhone photos

Photo-editing apps need to offer plenty of features or something special to stand out against their many competitors. Deluxe Colors doesn’t excel in either, but its low price and smart interface make it worth considering if your photos mostly go on social networks.

The app’s main screen is dominated by a square preview window matching the Instagram standard many similar apps conform to. Above this are standard icons for importing or exporting images to the Camera Roll but there is no option to directly post images online, which is a little frustrating.

Editing options include White Balance, Brightness, Contrast and Colour Saturation, plus there is a ‘Clarity’ setting that works like the sharpness filter included in photo-editing software packages. You can also add one- or two-colour tints to your photos. The former comes with adjustable Minimal, Modern, Retro and Color presets while the latter can be tweaked using Intensity sliders. Enhancements are rendered after filters are applied rather than in real time but rendering is fast and adjustments are easy to apply and undo.

Deluxe Colors is certainly not the most comprehensive photo-editing app on the market but it’s stylish, easy to use and cheap. If you’re looking for everyday photo sharing online, it’s well worth a shot.

Rated 3 out of 5

User-friendly but would benefit from providing more options to directly post pictures on social networks.