Deep Under The Sky Review

Deep Under The Sky Review

Deep Under The Sky Review

Explore the alien world of this imaginative physics-based puzzler

There are a lot of games with a single-button conceit, but we’re not sure we’ve come across a game that’s realised the one-tap mechanic as well as Deep Under The Sky. Playing as a static jellyfish that ingrains itself into one point of a smartly designed level, your job is to pop smaller invertebrates out of your body to biologically pollenate certain objectives.

Deep Under The Sky hard to categorise, but it falls mostly in the ‘physics-based puzzler’ genre, though the trial-and-error and brainteaser elements incorporated into each level make it seem so much deeper than its peers. The art direction takes care to extract every ounce of wonder it can from the bioluminescence that makes up the bulk of the levels; the colour and detail taking advantage of the Retina display.

The game will become trite if you’re not a fan of the images and the one-button mechanic will try the patience of some, but for those that see the appeal in repeatedly trying to get a pixel-perfect jump, it’s a marvellous journey. There are four worlds to play in, three of which challenge your mastery of a different aspect of the games physics, while the final world mixes them all into one beautiful mess.

Rated 4 out of 5

An atmospheric, dream-like puzzler that lets you take your time in order to fully enjoy its beautiful physics.