Darkroom – Photo Editor Review

Darkroom – Photo Editor Review

Darkroom – Photo Editor Review

Develop your photos with Darkroom for iPhone

One of the latest additions to an increasingly saturated selection of third-party photo editors for iOS is Darkroom from Norwegian start-up Bergen Co. While many photo apps choose to set themselves apart with more and more different and often obtuse options, settings and editing options, Darkroom looks in the other direction toward simplicity.

Darkroom has an exceedingly simple interface. Everything is focused on clarity and low-impact UI. There is no need to import photos, as you can edit them straight from Photos, and the sliders are simple, easy to navigate and intuitive, where a clever double tab on the label resets the slider to default.

There is the now-necessary sharing facility, and that is simple to use as well, and comes with a selection of filters, but it’s there you’ll find the app’s best feature. If you stumble onto a good setting you will want to repeat, save it as a preset, and name it something snazzy.

However, it does suffer somewhat from its lack of unique features, and the curves tool – which works well enough – is blocked behind a pay wall. The editing settings are few compared to some other free editors, and it doesn’t make up for those shortcomings anywhere else.

Rated 3 out of 5

It’s light, easy to use and clean, but isn’t unique enough to stand out in the long term against competitors.