Darklings Review

Darklings Review

Darklings Review

Draw magical symbols to defeat your enemies in the gesture-controlled epic adventure Darklings for iPhone and iPad

If there is one thing that stands out when playing a mobile game, it’s the controls. Get it right and the game will richly reward the player. Get it wrong and, no matter how beautiful it looks or how great the gameplay is, it will fail. Darklings, thankfully, is of the former camp.

Not only does it look amazing with its atmospheric black and white design but, in asking the player to draw a series of symbols on the screen – each one matched to a baddie that needs to be possessed – it stands out for its ingenuity. You don’t have to be mega precise with the scribbles either, which is a good thing when the action hots up and the baddies come thick and fast, as you’ll be scribbling frantically.

When an enemy is killed, stars appear. Collecting these by running your finger over them in a path towards your main character will then enable you to buy some power-ups later on. It is also possible to buy bundles of stars with hard cash through in-app purchases.

There are boss battles too, which require you to doodle complicated patterns of symbols to defeat them. This increase in difficulty jars a little with the rest of the game, but it will reward an accomplished player. The game takes a long time to lose its freshness and it’s something that will keep you coming back. A truly beautiful and engaging game.

Rated 4 out of 5

Darklings is an amazingly addictive game that makes full use of the touchscreen capabilities of a smartphone or tablet.