Cycloramic Review

Cycloramic Review

Cycloramic Review

Sit and swivel genius, or just an iPhone photo app gimmick? Judge Cycloramic for yourself

One of the most attractive things about an iOS or Android app is when you see it do or provide something that is genuinely unique. Add in that it physically does something to your smartphone and you have a pretty good recipe for a product that can be a great party piece – as well as useful.

Cycloramic is exactly that app; it uses the vibrations in your iPhone to rotate your device and capture a panoramic video or photo. By using the vibrate settings within your phone, its means you can capture hands-free – perfect for placing your iPhone in the centre of the table at a wedding. It’s wonderfully useful and clever at the same time, and you can’t help but crack a smile when using it.

When it comes to performance, a lot depends on the surface on which you place your device, with the movement very sensitive to uneven surfaces, but on the whole a polished desk surface was good enough for stable results. The developers recommend smooth surfaces like glass and marble too, so the next time you find yourself in a stunning piazza or square, this app should be your first port of call.

Cycloramic is very much a ‘for show’ app, and as such the interface is minimal, with only three main icons on screen; to alternate between hand-captured or vibration-based panoramas, the settings menu and a viewer to see your complete 360 views. You can also jump between video and photo capturing in a tap. The fact that you have the option to work in either still or video is a big bonus, and suddenly makes Cycloramic a real contender as one of your main photography apps. Yes, there is an element of the gimmicky about the way in which your iPhone’s vibrations are used to create movement, but there is also genuine usefulness here too. Once you’ve used it, and got the hang of it, there is no escaping the fact it is a fantastic panoramic photo app that might just find its way into your regular use whenever you find yourself somewhere that deserves the 360 degree treatment.

Rated 4 out of 5

Not to be instantly discounted as a gimmick, the presence of photo capturing as well as video makes this app a gem.