Cut The Rope Time Travel Review

Cut The Rope Time Travel Review

Cut The Rope Time Travel Review

The game of two halves, Cut The Rope returns on iOS and Android

Certain games have iconic characters or settings that make them instantly recognisable, so the sight of Om Nom will alert any mobile gamer that the Cut The Rope franchise is back for another instalment.

This time, the aspect of time travel has been introduced. What this means for the gameplay is that there are new obstacles and skills to deploy, as well as the interesting move of introducing two Om Noms to feed per level. These ancestors of our hero have just as much of a sweet tooth as he does and this added dimension, alongside some very cool new gameplay features, makes this version of Cut The Rope feel refreshed. The basics of the game remain unchanged: the aim is still to get the candy to Om Nom, collecting as many stars as possible along the way. Now, though, there are some intriguing new controls that completely change the way the game is played, in some cases adding a feeling of real depth to what is a joyfully simple physics puzzle game. The perfect example of this is the new Time Freeze tool which allows players to stop time mid-level. With it activated, you can still cut ropes but the candy will remain in suspension – or if it’s a swinging candy, you can start and stop time as much as you wish to get it positioned just right over Om Nom so it’ll drop straight to him. Also look out for the ‘superpowers’ that are periodically available; in some cases these completely rewrite the rules of a level, removing the physics and allowing you to move candy straight to the hungry monsters.

While some people will roll their eyes at yet another instalment in the series, Cut The Rope: Time Travel has enough new substance to deserve to stand alone.

Rated 4 out of 5

Retains the features that made the series so popular while adding some fresh gameplay elements.