Currency – Simple Converter Review

Currency – Simple Converter Review

Currency – Simple Converter Review

Keep track of your spending when you travel abroad with this gesture-controlled exchange rate app for iPhone.

Working out how much something is worth when you’re dealing with a foreign currency can suck the joy out of a holiday, lead to some complex calculations that are just too much like hard graft, and invariably end up with you spending more than you really wanted to. Currency – Simple Converter tries to make life easier with a simple, slick interface that, with a little bit of playing around, soon becomes second nature.

There are more than 160 currencies to choose from. Some of these are displayed from the moment you launch the app for the first time, but others are searchable via the fast search engine. Each currency is given its own line within the app, and the data it presents is up-to-date meaning you don’t have to start browsing the web for the latest figures.

Tapping a currency takes it to the very top of the list. This is then the currency that you will be converting from. When you type an amount of money into the app, it subsequently tells you how much that is in all of the currencies on your list, which is handy. This means that you are able to make multiple currency conversions in an instant.

By tapping the settings option, you are then able to round up the currency conversions rather than mess around with pennies and cents. Tapping the graph icon will show you the fluctuations over six months. It’s a great addition for anyone who travels regularly.

Rated 5 out of 5

A multiple currency, up-to-date conversion tool with charts to help convert is a winner in our book.