Curly’s Pocket Guide To Sports

Curly’s Pocket Guide To Sports

Become a sports mastermind with this handy guidebook

Curly’s Pocket Guide To Sports delivers rules, facts and stats for sports as diverse as football to Greco-Roman Wrestling.

Once you tap your selected sport, you will be given an info card that can be scrolled to reveal tons of facts. Starting with the impact and origins of the chosen game, you will work your way down through rule-sets, equipment requirements, foul lists and tips on how the game is best played.

There are even schematics that explain more complex rules like Football’s offside rule, the ball out rule in Tennis and posture diagrams for Wrestling and Fencing. Aside from the technical know-how, you’ll also pick up interesting stats on how many people view the sport live and on television, notable records and bizarre trivia.

The latter can be shared via social networks to wow your friends on Twitter or Facebook. Curly’s Pocket Guide To Sports is a charming, insightful app that sports fans will love.

Rated 4 out of 5

Well presented, fun and informative, a must for sports fans.


  • TITLE=Lovely;RATING=5;Downloaded it, and have been hooked it ever since – looks beautiful and is a really funny read!