Curiosity – what’s inside the cube Review

Curiosity – what’s inside the cube Review

Curiosity – what’s inside the cube Review

The biggest iOS and Android social experiment ever, all revolving around a cube

It may well be that you have already tried Curiosity. It could be that you picked it up and put it back down in frustration. This game, created by one of Britain’s most legendary developers Peter Molyneux, has attracted more than its fair share of controversy among the hundreds of thousands of people who have tried it.

Curious to find out why? Well, Curiosity is rather simple. The aim is to chip away at a large block by tapping at the pixels that make up each layer. When all the pixels on a layer are eliminated, it is removed and the player gets closer to seeing what is inside. Players don’t act alone, however. In order to strip a level, thousands of people need to keep tapping.

As you chip away, you gain coins. These give you more powerful chipping tools, although the most powerful requires three billion coins – an amazing ask, even if it does give you 100,000 times the power of the default tool. Even without this, though, there is no doubt the game is addictive and therapeutic.

The problems lie in the sheer number of players, putting huge pressure on the server. Other issues have included people losing their hard-won coins for no reason. It is also easy to become bored of simply tapping when you realise that only one player will eventually discover what is in the cube. That said, it could be you.

Rated 4 out of 5

A interesting experiment that is both relaxing and dull at the same time – and yet has the promise of an ‘amazing’ prize.