Cue: Know What’s Next

Cue: Know What’s Next

Cue: Know What’s Next

Keep organised with one of slickest apps out there

Occasionally, you stumble across an app that makes you question why Apple hadn’t thought of this themselves. Cue is one such app.

Taking into account almost every calendar, contacts list and social network you happen to use, Cue presents a day-by-day schedule, with all of the most important information you need in a single, beautiful space. It’s a somewhat simple idea, albeit with some heavily technical requirements, but Cue pulls it off perfectly. It’s nothing short of genius as far as we’re concerned, and while it’s worth noting that this version does have some issues with loading your data again after first use, we’re sure this will get fixed soon enough.

Setting up Cue is a somewhat laborious process, as you’ll need to manually approve its access to many of the most popular social networks out there. There’s also an optional paid upgrade that allows you to access a few more useful sources in your combined daily itinerary.

This doesn’t come cheap (a one-year subscription will set you back £34.99) but, for the power users, we fail to see how this wouldn’t be worth it. Cue’s real strengths lie in its interface and presentation of data; everything is ordered in a completely logical manner (starting with sunrise and ending with sunset times) and that’s what makes this app insanely useful and an absolute pleasure to use.

Rated 4 out of 5

Cue’s interface and functionality really are a cut above the rest, making it an essential download for iPhone owners