Cross DJ Review

Cross DJ Review

Cross DJ Review

Remix your music library with Cross DJ for iPhone and Android

Got a party coming up? Impress your friends with your mixing skills using Cross DJ. This app boasts a wide selection of professional DJ tools such as a Jog Wheel, Cue and Sync buttons, BPM analysis and live recording.

Easy to use and simple to navigate, Cross DJ’s interface is a set of DJ decks which allow you to mix two tracks at once (it links in with your Music Library). Interact with the virtual decks in the same way that you would with the real thing by tapping on buttons to activate them, dragging sliders left and right and, as a bonus for real DJ aficionados, scratching records by applying a quick up-and-down motion on the vinyl with your finger.

If you’re a pro DJ, or you’ve had experience in DJing and/or mixing before, the controls and tools within the app will probably seem quite familiar to you. However, if you’re something of a DJ novice, a lot of the tools and features may seem overwhelming to begin with – we recommend playing around with the various tools in order to really get to grips with them. Still, the inclusion of a quick user guide or video would really benefit this app in the future.

Overall, Cross DJ is a fantastic app both in its ease of use and the number of professional-standard features on offer. Great fun.

Rated 4 out of 5

Offers a professional DJing experience but could provide more support for novices.