Cookie Next Door – Rainy Days Review

Cookie Next Door – Rainy Days Review

Strap yourself in for a ride on the high seas with Cookie Next Door for iPad

Part-game, part entertainment, Cookie Next Door – Rainy Days harks to the days of comic strips. But these ones come to life in a multimedia way, letting children record their voices, produce sound effects and enjoy a series of animation.

Imagination can really run wild with this app. It proves to be both innovative and enjoyable, bringing together a story with interactivity that ensures a child is drawn into the action and feels part of the process. It is worth sitting with a child as they do this because the instructions are a little wordy and a younger kid may struggle. Parents can benefit from an excellent tutorial.

You will, however, delight when you see the excitement on their faces as they unlock frames and become encouraged by recordings and suchlike. The story itself is engaging too as children come to understand the story of Cookie’s adventure on the high seas.

It is important for an app like this to hold the attention and it does. It continues to fuel the imagination. There is bookshelf to which stories can be shared and you can feel as much a part of your child’s journey as you work through it. We would have liked to have seen lots of drawing going on, but perhaps we are being too demanding.

Rated 4 out of 5

Action, adventure and interactivity. Comics have seldom been this fun and it’s little wonder paper versions are dying so quickly.