Contre Jour HD

Contre Jour HD

Making the boundaries between games and art even more blurred

Contre Jour HD is a wonderful mix of several hugely engaging features; the interplay between light and dark, the power of being able to manipulate the game’s landscapes, and the haunting but beautiful soundtrack.  Contre Jour is centred around guiding your character, Petit, through the puzzles before you.

The presence of ropes and spikes as parts of solving each puzzle echoes Cut The Rope, so there is a sense of the familiarity in this strange dark world.  Changing the landscapes is done in order to supply Petit with momentum, with the in-game tutorials preventing any confusion or frustration. Touch and drag on the screen to create peaks and troughs either side of the little eye in order to get him to move along platforms and collect lights, before reaching the portal to complete a level.

Each puzzle contains a series of ropes to allow for spring and bounce your way to the exit. Move the character within touching distance of a rope, and he will connect to it. You can connect to more than one at any time, and touching the eye on a rope will release you. Use these, and other landscape features like geysers and pulleys to propel yourself through puzzles, collecting lights.

While this is not a unique concept, Contre Jour deserves your attention because of how it looks, sounds and feels. The soundtrack, provided by composer David Ari Leon, captures the spirit of the game perfectly. The controls are superb, and a great new innovation in iOS gaming. This is a game you have to play; not only because it is cool and different, but because it will have you hooked within three levels.

Rated 5 out of 5

Familiar core idea for gameplay, turned on its head by a great setting.