Comic Tycoon HD Review

Comic Tycoon HD Review

Create your own comic strips using your photos, then share them from your iPad

Comics are still a very popular form of entertainment. Although some have fallen by the wayside in paper format, the iPad has given many others a new lease of life. They’re creative and fun and combine stories with visuals. However, creating your own comic strips has traditionally relied on you being able to draw.

Step forward Comic Tycoon HD for the iPad, which lets you use your photographs to form the cells that make up a typical strip. You can then ‘cartoonise’ these images, turning them into comic art, before adding all sorts of special effects – from captions to art.

The software is easy to get to grips with. As well as being able to take your own photos using the iPad camera, you can import images from your Photo Roll.

Not everything is straightforward, however. We struggled to scrap what we had already done and start afresh without leaving the app, and going back in and deleting various effects was not immediately obvious – try layers! But when you get your head around these quirks, you find that you can very quickly produce a comic that you can then share via social media services such as Facebook.

Comic Tycoon HD makes good use of the Retina screen of the newer iPads and allows for great flexibility in layout, ensuring that you can dive in, be creative and impress your readers.

Rated 4 out of 5

Fun and simple, it is hard not to enjoy the creation of your own comics and the artistic flair that this app allows you to employ.