ColorStrokes HD Review

ColorStrokes HD Review

Bring some colour to your iPad with ColorStrokes HD

The enduring popularity of taking photographs of everything we see and do these days, means there has to be a wide selection of apps to cater for our need to then make reality look ‘a bit better’. So it’s good to see things like ColorStrokes HD coming along and giving us a useful, straightforward way to re-colour and re-touch existing photographs.

Importing an image will present it in black and white – from here you can re-colour it, add various filters, play with saturation/contrast levels and generally fiddle to make it look better. It’s easy enough that even those with little editing experience can get something decent after just a short time.

It’s clearly a well-thought-out app, with elements like the ability to turn on the colour mask allowing you to accurately see exactly which areas you have re-coloured. Things like this on top of the rather robust feature set leaves a package that feels very much worth the decidedly modest asking price.

There are some niggles that hold it back from perfection – it can feel a bit light with regards to things like the number of filters it offers, and there are a few silly little problems like the inability to edit multiple images in the same session or just hit a big fat reset button, but it’s still very good indeed.

Rated 4 out of 5

Simple, robust, useful and inexpensive – if you like to touch up your photos, use ColorStrokes