Coco Loco

Coco Loco

Save the Marshies that are trapped in the Chocolate Aztec Kingdom

While Angry Birds might have taken the crown as the biggest and arguably the best physics puzzle app around, it only means other games are trying to emulate its success using similar formats with different ideas.

One such title is Coco Loco, which starts with a concept just as ridiculous as Rovio’s bestseller. You must save the Marshies, small marshmallow characters who couldn’t resist the hot chocolate in the Aztec temple. You send in the troops to save the Marshies from the evil beans, got it?

From here it starts to look much like Angry Birds – you fling your marshmallows to free other Marshies, and kill the beans dotted around. Some of your marshmallows explode, others travel fast in a certain direction, others zoom straight down. It sounds familiar, but elements such as Jelly (which sticks together until it explodes) and the Hot Chocolate (which sits still unless disturbed) add some great twists on the popular formula.

Rated 5 out of 5

Slick physics, unique elements with some charming art and audio make this a great game in its own right.