Cocktails HD

Cocktails HD

Tom Cruise will have nothing on you after you buy this app

Don’t know your Bloody Bulls from your Bloody Marys? Thought a Manhattan was somewhere in New York? Then this is the app for you, as it will turn you into a master cocktail expert quicker than you can say Tom Cruise.

Cocktails HD at its most basic is a guide to making cocktails. And yet, thanks to fantastic presentation, easy to learn steps and stunning images, it becomes a completely unmissable app that any cocktail connoisseur will not want to ever
be without.

Cocktails are split into eight distinct categories ranging from Shooters to Martinis and come with full instructions for making them, along with the required ingredients. If that’s not enough there’s also handy guides that explain everything from correctly shaking your chosen drinks to even how to correctly serve wine and beer.

While there’s nothing here that’s not easily available on the internet, it’s all put together with so much care and attention and the drinks look so mouth-watering that you’ll always want to keep it handy in order to try out your latest tipple. There’s even a nice little feature where you can shake your iPad and the app will choose you a  random cocktail.

If you’ve always been interested in mixing cocktails or have a big party coming up you’ll find this app to be the perfect reference guide. Now excuse us, we’ve got some Harvey Wallbangers and Strawberry Daiquiris to make.

Rated 4 out of 5

Easy to follow instructions and great presentation make this app a winner.