Managing a football team has never been cooler

The complexity and sophistication of this app belies its lack of a price tag, with the absence of financial investment relating inversely to the potential time investment you’ll make with it.

This app allows coaches to track their teams so that they may become better managers. The investment of time comes in the form of having to input an incredible amount of data before being able to get any real use out of the app. Should you persevere, then you will be justly rewarded with a very simple and very effective organisational app.

You’ll look pretty cool consulting your iPad when the team are playing and you’ll find making tactical changes very easy and intuitive to do. With the input placed, you can do some really cool stuff with your tactics board to complete your selection.

You can update the app live as a game progresses, dragging a football into the goal area to signal goals for and against. This is an excellent app if you run a football club, and worth investing some time in, as it offers some great features and surprising benefits.

Rated 4 out of 5

An app that deserves some more attention, and will sufficiently reward you should you make the effort.