Clumsy Ninja Review

Clumsy Ninja Review

Clumsy Ninja Review

Needy freemium ninja child delivers only mild amusement

Clumsy Ninja comes bearing great promise; a free and pretty app with a quirky little central character you have to train up to be a master ninja. However, once you enter its whimsical little town, it soon becomes apparent that not all is as it seems.
While the animations are slick, the physics of lifting, moving, throwing and tickling (yes, really) the ninja are smooth and the colours are vibrant, the gameplay simply isn’t at the top level it promises.

The first problem is the limited range of actions. The options include basic training, potions, tying balloons or just general fiddling about. That’s it. Very gradually – if you don’t want to start rolling a rapidly growing snowball of mini-transactions on in-app boosts – these options expand, but agonisingly slowly.

As you progress, there is an almost total lack of challenges, variety or, you know, actual ninja fighting. Turn on notifications and you’ll be subjected to a nonstop stream of requests by your ninja to train, play or just buy something random in the app.

The fact that there are in-app purchases or social sharing isn’t the problem with Clumsy Ninja; it’s the incessant emphasis on it, above gameplay experience or variety, that’s most grating, and it taints the whole game.




Rated 2 out of 5

Clumsy Ninja is not an adventure game. It’s a glorified needy tamagotchi for kids raised on social media.