Cloud Connect Pro

Cloud Connect Pro

Who needs iCloud when you have this app?

If there’s one limitation of using an iPad for regular work, it’s the file system, or lack of one. In many ways, it’s a positive move by Apple, simplifying how users interact with the system and removing the need to manually manage files. But if you were hoping to plug your iPad into a Mac or PC and drag files back and forth, then you’ll be disappointed.

Thankfully, Cloud Connect Pro enables you to transfer files and access Dropbox, iDisk or WebDAV/SFTP/FTP server. Launch, and you’ll see a sidebar with options for documents, bookmarks, connecting to a Gmail account, viewing saved places, and accessing networks. At the bottom of the screen is a dock with icons for media, settings, file transfers, documents and trash.

So far, so good, but Cloud Connect Pro has a few aces up its sleeve, the most impressive of which is the ability to remotely log on to your Mac or PC, and interact via MultiTouch.

As a result, you can log into your home computer over a 3G or Wi-Fi connection, drag files into the Cloud Connect Pro documents folder, and see them appear on your iPad seconds later. Other features include wirelessly printing to an AirPrint printer; the ability to play music, watch videos and view photos; open iWork and Office files, zip and unzip files; open files in other apps (for example, Word documents in Pages); transfer multiple files and folders, plus, with the latest v3.0 update, connect to any computers in the world; manage your PDFs; transfer photos and video and even access your iPod’s music files.

The price is considerable when compared to similar apps. Whether you can justify this depends on the features you’ll use. This app will certainly enable you to easily manage files, and it’s great to remotely access a desktop computer.

If there’s one problem we have with this app, it’s the custom-built interface. It’s not ugly by any means, but the large icons and blue colour scheme feel out of place on the iPad, with a desktop computer feel to them. How it fares when Apple releases iCloud as part of the forthcoming iOS 5 update remains to be seen, but there are enough features to keep this app one step ahead. For now.

Rated 4 out of 5

One of the most feature-packed office apps we’ve seen, great at managing large numbers of files on your device.