Clipper – Video Editor Review

Clipper – Video Editor Review

Clipper – Video Editor Review

Combine your video clips into mini-movies within minutes

Although iMovie is a masterpiece of video-editing software, you don’t always want something seeped in complexity. Clipper – Video Editor makes things simpler and yet the results can be rather spectacular. By boiling the editing process down to the selection of clips, music and effects, the app lets you produce stunning videos on the fly that can then be shared on social media.

It starts by gaining access to your Camera Roll, from where you will be able to select any videos you have stored on your handset. You select the videos that you want to use by tapping on them, and these are then displayed on the visual timeline of the app. Each clip can be edited so you can find the ideal start point. The clips are broken down into micro-segments and this makes finding the ideal section much easier, although you cannot tell the app how long you want a mini-clip to display for, which is frustrating and limiting from a creative perspective.

From that point, however, you rearrange the clips, add music from the built-in range or use your own and then select an effect whether it be Eighties TV, fisheye, the 1920s or one of eight others. The effects are applied instantly across the entire video rather than clip-by-clip and, annoyingly, you can’t turn the music off and have the clip’s original sound play instead. Still, having those features would make things rather more complex, which is what the app is seeking to avoid.

By playing around, however, you can come up with some amazing videos. It is possible to add the same clip more than once, which opens up creative possibilities and the simple way of dragging clips to arrange them means there is no real learning curve. The key thing with this app is the speed at which you can make a professional-looking video compared to most rivals, and in that sense it works extremely well. It’s a video-editing package that you would fall back on in a hurry and know that you would get a good result that wouldn’t embarrass you.

Rated 4 out of 5

A quick, easy and inexpensive video editor that may well see a plethora of mini-flicks appearing on Facebook sometime soon.


  • Katja Löser

    Gibt es Clipper(movie app iPhone) auch für Android? Oder vergleichbares?