Clear+ Tasks & To-Do List Review

Clear+ Tasks & To-Do List Review

Clear+, the minimalist to-do list app from the makers of Analog Camera and Ember, comes to iPad

When other mobile to-do lists had calendars, geo-location reminders, and a mass of on-screen buttons, the original Clear for iPhone bucked the trend. Instead, it just offered a single screen with items listed from urgent red to low priority yellow, with the option to swipe right to tick items when completed and drag down to add a new item to the list. This sequel makes the personal organiser with innovative one-touch controls available on iPad at last.

It is a mistake to expect too many new features from this famously minimalist app, but there are a few changes worth noting. Making the most of the extra space, all of your lists are displayed on the left-hand side, while the individual items fill the rest of the screen. As well as simplifying list browsing, this makes it very easy to drag items between them.

However, not all of the new features come across as an improvement. The ‘edge swipe’ gesture to access the Settings doesn’t feel as organic as swiping left to remove an item, like striking through with a pencil, and can be easily forgotten.

If you can work out how to access Settings, you can get a complete rundown of all the intuitive gestures and change the colour theming. Making the most of  iOS 7’s Background Refresh function, the app also ensures that your iCloud backup stays updated throughout the day.

Rated 4 out of 5

While it may be a rather middle-of-the-road move for such a trend-setting brand, Clear+ is a comprehensive adaptation for iPad.